Childrens Bedrooms IKEA style

Having kids means creating a peaceful, fun and inspiring bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep (inlcuding for the parents!) and fun daytime play. Another necessity is the ability to store and organise the wealth of toys they seem to accumulate.

If you are looking to create a bedroom for your child or to refurbish an existing one then look no further than IKEA. IKEA have an amazing range for every room but especially the children’s bedroom. IKEA’s interior designers suggest, when designing the room for your child to look at it from their perspective. IKEA themselves used robots to help them to create the children’s area in their stores and while this is not going to be practical at home getting down on your hands and knees and seeing the world from their perspective can help create a space that they will love.

The primary function of any child’s bedroom is sleep. And we all want our kids to be sleeping well and through the night every night. When it is time to move them from the cot to the toddler bed IKEA have it sorted with their Mammut bed frame for £145. Top the look off with a Sangfagel quilt cover and pillowcase at £15.

Once awake kids want to play. Having a room with fun activities will keep your kids busy for hours on end. Equipping your child’s bedroom with a small table and chairs, such as the Mammut chair for £13to tie in with the matching bed frame or the more traditional Kritter chair for £10 along with the Sansad Children’s table for £42 will allow them to play jigsaws, toys or do colouring in a fun and relaxed environment. To take their creative side even further why not add a Mala Easel to the room for £16.

With the number of toys kids today manage to build up IKEA are fantastic for creative toy storage solutions such as the Trofast system or Expedit range.

Finish the room off with a Vannerna Rund Rug for £5 and a pretty Snoig wall lamp for £15.

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