Keep your house safe with regular chimney sweeping

Chimney sweeping might seem like a trade that died out in the last century, but the popularity of wood-burning stoves means that it is a skill that is once more in demand. Getting flues and chimneys checked regularly is vital as it eliminates the risk of chimney fires and keeps your stove working efficiently.

Keep the home fires burning

For owners of log burners as well as those with open fires, regular chimney sweeping has once more become a familiar aspect of home maintenance.

It is no longer acceptable to send urchins up the chimney with a few stiff brushes and a halfpenny for their trouble, so you will need the services of a professional sweep, and they do not come cheap.

Sweeping is rather more complex these days than just attaching a brush to telescopic poles and poking around. Most sweeps will use a sealed power vacuuming system that ensures chimneys are swept with the minimum of mess.

An important part of sweeping and chimney inspection is to check for potential carbon monoxide leaks, which can present a seriouis health risk.

Chimney sweeping also checks the effectiveness of flues from a solid fuel stove and will remove flammable deposits that can increase the risk of a chimney fire.

Prices vary widely from region to region and will depend on the degree of work and cleaning required. For a straightforward sweep of a chimney, expect to pay around £50, but this will increase markedly if various safety tests and maintenance checks are added.

Some insurance companies will now stipulate that chimneys must be swept annually in order to comply with insurance cover.

Sweeping solutions

For those considering installing a log burner, initial chimney sweeping is part of the process. A flue lining will also need to be installed. so it can be cost-effective to find a local company that will be able to do all the work and can return annually to check and sweep the chimney.

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