Choose the right paddling pool for your dog

Everybody loves splashing around in water in hot summer days. Actually, it doesn't even need to be that hot, and when I say everybody I mean everybody, including our dogs! Ever thought of getting your four legged friend a specially designed paddling pool? We've looked at some options online, read on and find out more about paddling pools for dogs and where to buy them.

Most rated paddling pools for dogs

Doggy Pool

A paddling pool especially designed for dogs that can fit into a balcony as well as a garden, Doggy Pool is made from durable plastic with a special non-slip lining. Because it is made from flexible panels, Doggy Pool can be made into a rectangular shape so it will fit almost everywhere, including balcony corners. This also means it doesn't need blowing up: simply unfold and fill with clear water. Hygienic and easy-to-clean, it is also easily folded and stored away at the end of the season. It comes in different sizes for every need, and a separated pool cover can be acquired to prevents leaves, dirt and insects from collecting in the pool when not in use. http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dog_toys_dog_training/floating_dog_toys/other_floating_toys/60760

Anti-Slip Splash Pool

A great, refreshing paddling pool, the Anti-Slip Splash Pool is a one piece moulding of durable, flexible plastic for maximum strength. This is one of the best loved paddling pools for big sized dogs. It has been specially moulded with a slip resistant floor to keep your dogsafe. Light weight for ease of storage and handling and easy to clean, it will not rust or rot and comes with a practial bung-style plug for draining. http://petplanet.co.uk/product_group.asp?dept_id=94pg_id=2275

Or a children pool suitable for dogs

Many dog owners simply resort to buy children wadding pools and use them as paddling pools for their dogs. Sometimes it can be cheaper, especially when the dogs aren't too big and heavy. The Chad Valey wading pool for instance, has a sturdy enouch base, is made in hard, flexible plastic that doesn't need blowing up, but it doesn't have a plug. Rather, you may have to tilt the pool over to let the water flow out- that's in case there will be any left after your dogs' splashing around in it!

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