Christmas origami for kids

Origami is something you might not associate with Christmas, but Christmas origami can be a good way to make your own decorations and personalise your home. It is something you can do with the kids and can be a fun activity to do together as a family. Here are a few ideas for Christmas origami for kids.

Origami is very flexible. You can make pretty much anything you want - you could try an origami Christmas tree, santa, baubles, advent calendars, stars, elves and many more Christmassy themed designs!

It's possible to buy special origami paper from craft shops, or you could simply use Christmas wrapping paper. This does make it a little more fiddly and a little more tricky, but it will look even more festive.

The easiest (and probably the best fun) Christmas origami for kids is an advent calendar. You can make 24 paper baskets and fill them with little treats. Wrapping paper is perfect to give them an extra Christmas feel and hang them around a room. They are easy enough for kids to make them too, so it could be time well spent. Fill them with your kids' favourite treats and watch their face light up every day.

Origami baubles are quite easily made also, and again using colourful wrapping paper would be perfect. They don't take too long and are easy enough for kids to make. Filling your tree with handmade origami baubles will make it stand out from others and your kids are sure to feel proud of displaying their masterpieces!

There are many websites that give you a step-by-step guide to creating origami Christmas decorations.

Christmas origami for kids can be fun and there are plenty of easy options if you are looking for something to make together. Homemade decorations are not only fun, but it's meaningful to fill the tree with things you have made as a family. It's also cheap as all you really need is leftover wrapping paper and some scissors.

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