Fun Christmas presents ideas 2013 for everyone at home

Tis’ the season to be merry and make merry. Christmas brings lots of fun and cheer. You can add to the fun and cheer around you by exchanging gifts with loved ones. Here are some fun Christmas presents ideas 2013 for everybody at home to help you celebrate this special season in style.

Christmas presents for parents

Parents don't always receive surprise gifts during Christmas. However, you can make this Christmas season one to remember for your parents by giving them a special gift.

Buy a new and easy to operate gadget for mum and dad to help them do their work or daily tasks more easily and conveniently, such as a new phone, iPod or laptop computer.

You can also get them a basket full of tea set, copy of old git wit book by Richard Benson and a frame picture of yourself and the kids accompanied by a personal note of thanks. This should make them happy and Christmas memorable.

Christmas presents for grandparents

Grandparents, like parents, also don’t always get surprise gifts during Christmas. Surprise your grandparents this year with a special gift to add a little cheer in their lives.

Buy them a good camera and show them how to use it. Grandparents love to preserve memories of places, people and important milestones in life. A simple to use digital camera can make a wonderful Christmas gift for them.

Alternatively, get them something as simple a house spider catcher or personalised house cushion to show that you truly thought about what present to buy them.

Christmas presents for the kids

The kids expect to get a present every Christmas. If you have a daughter, put a smile on her face with a trendy dress, Pourchet bag, makeup kit or jewelry piece. Girls can be picky so be careful what you buy. Where applicable, get her a gift of her choice.

If you have a little boy, get him a new video game console or some cool toy and he’ll love it. Boys generally love cars so you probably won’t go wrong with a new toy car as a present. Other simple and fun Christmas presents ideas 2013 at home for boys include a cool bike or trendy watch.

Christmas presents for friends and relatives

For relatives, you can buy clothing items like scarves or socks to keep warm or a home accessory like a beautiful picture frame or wall painting. Alternatively, get them food gifts like a box of cookies, cakes or chocolate.

As for friends, take them out for a nice dinner party and gift them fashion accessories that match or that are personalised with names or pictures that mean something, such as necklaces, sunglasses and hats.

Otherwise, just invite everyone over and treat them to home-made recipes like festive fudge and chutney, as well as home-made alcoholic drinks like blackberry ­vodka. They will enjoy this and the time spent together.

There you have it — simple and fun Christmas presents ideas 2013 for everyone at home.

What are you planning to gift your near and dear ones this Christmas?

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