Coffee Machines from Lavazza: A Taste of Italy at Home

Enjoy an espresso to start the day, or linger over a caffe latte after dinner. Lavazza coffee machines are an exciting way to discover the true taste of Italy at home. With a great range of coffee to choose from including the classic Rosso and Oro blends, espresso and a great decaffeinated coffee for those late evenings, you can relax with your favourites any time you like.


Lavazza Coffee Machines: Bring the Coffee Culture Home

Your home will soon be filled with the fragrant aroma of some of the world's most popular blends when you invest in your own coffee machine. Lavazza coffee machines are easy to use, and in no time at all you'll be creating caffe macchiato, vanilla latte and mocaccino as well as everyone's favourite, espresso.

Espresso is the basis of any Italian coffee and getting it right has never been easier. Lavazza coffee machines have been designed to ensure just the right temperature and pressure to allow the full flavour of the coffee to develop. For those who want real Italian taste with less fuss the Modo Mio system is ideal.

Try Lavazza coffee machines like the Favola Cappuccino, which even heats the milk, and enjoy authentic cappuccino and latte in just a couple of easy steps. Visit www.lavazzamodomio.co.uk/ for more information on this machine?

Try a different coffee every day

Getting espresso just right is an art, and thanks to Lavazza coffee machines, all the guessing has been taken out of the process. Now you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time. Add different syrups to give your coffee a dash of flavour - amaretto, hazelnut and vanilla are among the most popular, and when you add them to delicious coffees such as Lavazza Rosso or the gold quality Lavazza Oro, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the delicious results.

You can even choose Lavazza coffee machines to complement your decor and stylish colours like red and chic piano black ensure that there is one to suit everyone. Your family and friends will be delighted to try fresh, vibrant Italian coffees and the Modo Mio system is simple and accurate.

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