Coffee tables with ample storage available in the UK

Coffee tables with ample storage can be a smart solution for a small living space. Ranging from solid pine to elegant oak, our selection is set to spark up some ideas for the right coffee table for your house. And if you want to take it further than window shopping, we've added prices and links, so you can even purchase your favourite one, online and right away. Read on to find some of the smartest coffee tables with storage in the UK.

A small selection of great solutions

Looking for coffee tables with storage in the Uk? We've had a good look around and picked few solutions, a tiny selection of ample storage coffee tables we hope you will enjoy:

UK-CF G-CT Coffee Table

30cm H x 100 - 155cmW x 60cm D


Extremely stylish in its sleek finish and minimalistic design, this unique coffee table features a slideopen system, which reveals a large storage area inside. Needs asmart looking, ultra modern designer living room to show off at itsbest. With its highly polished tempered black glass top and highgloss finished sides, this hot piece of furniture comes in 5 sexyshades. Pick yours here:http://www.wayfair.co.uk/UK-CF-G-CT-Coffee-Table-UKCF1012.html

Habitat MAX oak coffee table

W80 x H34 x L108.5cm


Beautifully solid and elegant oak is the raw material of thiscoffee table, which stands out for being simple yet full ofcharacter. An elegant solution for most living rooms as, by no wayloud, this table can easily fit in with almost any style. What's moreimportant, it features an ample storage space easily accessiblethanks to a slatted door. Simple as that.


Giomani Designs Rolo RoundCoffee Table

40cm H x 80cm W x 80cm D


Beige walnut finish, contemporary design, this is a small table yet features an ample storage space. A well made, solid piece of furniture that will look good in a similarly contemporary surrounding. Perfect for smaller rooms, the round design offers no dangerous corners, a feature the little ones' heads will be grateful for. Find it online here:


The magic of extra storage

So you are looking for coffee tables with storage in the UK? Well you're not alone. A bit of extra storage always comes in handy, especially when your living room is flooded with toys or when books, magazines or knitting tools are cramming every surface in sight and there's not a single spot left for your cuppa! Not to mention when your mother-in-law turns up unexpectedly: simply swipe all the mess off tables and sofas, hide away and in the special magic storage, and off you go! You'll be kindly offering her a comfy seat before she can even word her concerns about her grandchildren growing up in tat central.

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