Coloured bathroom suites might make a comeback

If you are thinking of renovating and would like to switch to coloured bathroom suites, there are serious things to consider before making the move. You might be leaving the house in the future and will have difficulties selling your property.

Perhaps, replacement parts might be hard to find or retro bathrooms are not yet in style. While coloured tiles and toilets are reminiscent of the thirties, fifties or sixties, it is clear that colours can spice up the look of your bathroom. In addition, coloured bathroom suites can still come back and become fashionable.

Where to get your bathroom suites

Ordering online for coloured bathroom suites can still be easiest and cheapest option. If you are considering building coloured bathroom suites, the following stores are worth looking into:

  • - The Discontinued Coloured Bathroom company (colourediscountinuedbathrooms.co.uk)

A family business with over 30 years of experience, this is the ideal stop for those who need coloured bathroom suites. As the company name suggests, you can also get replacements of discontinued bathroom sanitary ware if they broke or need replacement. The company supplies sinks, toilets and baths in different sizes, colours and styles with the most well-known brands such as Armitage Shanks, Trent, Shores, Villeroy & Boch, Valadares and Jacob Delafon. To get a clue of prices, simply fill out the form on the site with the colour, size and a description.

  • - Ebay (ebay.co.uk)

Ebay also sells discontinued or obsolete bathroom suites. For instance, a bathroom suite with panel, basin and pedestal, and toilet will cost around £700 while coloured toilet suites cost £355.

  • - Diamond Bathrooms (diamondbathrooms.com)

This sanitary wares company has a wide range of coloured bathroom suites in different colours. It sells pans and cisterns, toilet seats, shower trays and baths. It is also possible to replace old or discontinued parts of bathroom suites. You can contact the company directly for prices to see if they can supply the colour you need.

  • - Odd Colours (oddcolours.co.uk)

The company can supply new bathroom replacements in over 100 colours so you can find the bathroom suites of your choice. A Sottini Palazzo Seat in Peppermint will cost you £285.

Making the right choice

Coloured bathroom suites will make a comeback eventually although no one knows when. If you want to be daring, you can change your bathroom into a different colour. You could try beige or off white or even other colours. One of the reasons why homeowners are reluctant to go for coloured bathroom or toilet seats is the unavailability of replacement parts. But, nowadays, you can get any colour and parts of your choice without being forced to stick to white decor for your bathrooms.

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