Choose subtle colours for small kitchens

When your kitchen has barely enough space to swing a frying pan, the decor needs careful consideration. You want to find a design that will be stylish while managing to maximise the limited space. Usually the best colours for small kitchens are unobtrusive and light, although the occasional splash of brightness can be forgiven.

Tricks of the light

When selecting suitable colours for small kitchens, one of the obvious tricks is to paint it white or choose white tiling. If white is also the colour choice for cabinets, doors and the ceiling it creates a space where light can reflect and give the illusion of space.

The danger with the all-over white approach is that your kitchen could end up looking like an operating theatre. Avoid this by using subtly different shades of white and varying textures between slick satin and cool matt finishes. Elegant brushed steel fittings and lamps can also follow the light and airy theme.

If white is a little too boring for you, and you need some colour in your kitchen, use a low contrast colour scheme without huge variations in light and dark. Try to blend the floor and ceiling colours with the cabinets and worktops for a calm overall look without any striking, garish details.

Ultra-modern kitchens can get away with a minimalist or post-industrial look, which can work well in small spaces. Exposed brick, Belfast sinks, utilitarian shelving and steel fittings can look chic, although you run the risk of your kitchen looking very dated when fashions move on in a couple of years.

Glass adds class

Light colours for small kitchens can be effective, but you may find that bulky cabinet doors still expose the limitations of the space. For wall-mounted cabinets this can be avoided by installing glass doors that help maintain the illusion of spaciousness. The downside of this approach is that you have to keep your cabinets tidy and uncluttered.

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