How to combine colours when decorating a beedroom

There are always jobs to do around the house including things to fix, things to renew and then there are areas that need redecorating. At least when you decorate you get to put a bit of thought and energy into something a little creative. We'll tell you how to combine colours when decorating a beedroom so you can stand back and admire a job well done.

Colour palette

When considering a room's colour palette, you should take three things into consideration: your personal preferences, your lifestyle and the room’s structure. None of these three elements outweighs the others, so treat them all equally.

Colour schemes

Like it or not, there are certain colour schemes that work better than others. For example, a modern property would automatically suggest bold and bright colours, while a traditional older place would normally ask to be painted in a monochromatic or analogous colour scheme. But don’t let that stop you from having things your way.

Peace and tranquillity

Think about a restful place and the sorts of colours found there and you’ll start to develop a good scheme for the bedroom. The lush green hills of a faraway island surrounded by blue ocean and pale blue sky could give you a basic collection of colours to use. All you then need to do is combine these colours when decorating a beedroom to make sure each compliments the other.

Bright colours

Be careful not to inject too much bright colour into the bedroom because this is supposed to be a peaceful and restful place, but don’t make it dull and colourless either. Balance the colours with a lot of energy with those that are a little more tranquil. Warm colours should also be included in the mix.

Final thought

Now you know how to combine colours when decorating a beedroom to create the effect you're after you can apply that knowledge to the rest of the home. Why not make your living room just as peaceful as the bedroom and inject a little vibrant colour into the hallway and reception room?

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