Condenser tumble dryers and other options

Looking for a new tumble dryer? There are quite a few different types of dryer and factors you should consider to make sure that you get one that suits your needs. Here we will have a look at gas, electric, compact and condenser tumble dryers, and also consider dryer drum sizes.

Drum size is the most important factor for some people. If you use your washing machine often or have a big family, a larger drum is going to be very helpful. Many dryers come with a 7kg drum. For most people, this would be a full load from their washing machine - but it may be slightly small for some. You can get dryers with over 10kg drums, but these are often large in size and difficult to fit in kitchens.

Compact tumble dryers are good for people who live alone or people who wouldn’t often use their dryer. They are small so will fit into limited spaces, but this comes at a cost. You will find that compact dryers tend not to be as effective as larger ones at drying clothes.

Condenser tumble dryers can be located pretty much anywhere. They don’t need to be placed near a window or door because they don’t release steam, but if you buy a cheap one you could end up with damp air.

Electric vented tumble dryers tend to be more energy efficient than condenser tumble dryers, but they do require to be placed somewhere where vented air can escape. You can also get gas vented tumble dryers but bear in mind that they need to be installed by an expert.

Tumble dryers come in many shapes and forms, so take the time to weigh up the options and you should easily find one that suits your needs. If you go through a lot of washing, a larger drum could mean fewer loads, and depending on space you could find condenser tumble dryers or compact tumble dryers the better option for you.

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