Create your own wall art

Think you're not artistic enough to create your own wall art? Think again! It's fun and easy to add a touch of creativity - not to mention absolute uniqueness - to your home. All you need is a little inspiration to get you started. Here we discuss some possibilities for making wall art yourself...

1. Create your own wall art with the whole family: One of the best things about homemade wall art is that it can be meaningful. Sure a gallery print might look stunning on your dining room wall, but it will probably never make you smile like a big poster handpainted by your kids.

2. Frame it: Attractive frames have the potential to make any piece of wall art look fabulous. One of our favourite (and quickest!) ideas for creating wall art is to head to your local DIY shop to pick up a few cuts of wallpaper samples. Then just frame the samples and hang them up on a wall - sie by side or staggered. It may not sound impressive, but with the right frames and a could colour and pattern selection, it can give any room a designer chic.

3. Make a photo collage: Nowadays too many of our photos remain locked away on our desktop computers or in digital libraries. Why not release all your favourites in one go by making a photo collage? It's best to arrange your photos with some sticky tack before you get out the glue - that way you can play around wth the composition and arrangement to decide on a collage that you're happy with.

4. Order online: If you're still a bit sceptical about your ability to create your own wall art, why not ease yourself in by designing and ordering wall art online? You can add photos, choose from custom templates, write text, change colours and more - check out a site like wallcreate.com for some inspiration!

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