Curtain trends for autumn and winter 2014 2015

The cold season is fast approaching and it’s time to freshen up your interiors where you will likely be staying in the next months. Why not check out fabulous curtain trends for autumn and winter this 2014 2015? We tell you what’s hot when it's time to change your drapes at home or any room in your abode for a different look that is inviting and tempting.

Trending now

Curtains can make a room look completely different whether for decoration purposes or to serve other functions such as blocking and controlling the amount of sunlight that goes in a room or for some privacy. Whatever the reason is, getting a new set of curtains might just cheer you up or change your disposition for the coming months. Here are some pointers based on current curtain trends for autumn and winter 2014 2015.

  • Styles

Current curtains styles speak chic and elegant. Changing the look of your living spaces may mean shifting to stylish curtains. Add ruffles to modify how the curtains fall or to alter how it looks. We are talking of knotted pleats at the heading or head of the curtain. Simple and double pleats look as elegant as well. If you are thinking of see through curtains, you can add layers of overlapping fabrics making them look like cascading waves. Consider using a fashionable window valance or pelmet.

  • Colour

The colours of your curtains depend a lot on your taste, but if you are to follow trends, then you are looking at earthy, warm and natural hues in fabrics. Florals and print fabrics are hot at the moment. With such lovely designs and patterns, runway trends can also be applied to the drapes you plan on putting up. Now might be a good time to experiment with those beautiful patterns and outrageous floral prints. If you are scared to tread on 'unchartered waters', stick to neutrals such as beige, cream and grey where you cannot possibly go wrong.

Where to get them

Argos has some fabulous curtains as well as Amazon. Take a look at the new and inspiring curtains at Ikea, Habitat or Zara for a first hand feel of the present curtain trends for autumn winter this 2014 2015. Think of adding accessories to your curtains such as tiebacks in fabric or holdbacks in metal or wood.

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