Curtains or blinds? Pros and cons

Some people love decorating. They like to think about what they are going to do with a room and how to best take advantage of its features. On the other hand some people loathe decorating and don't give too much thought to it aside from the essentials and practical elements. Either way, choosing between curtains or blinds is a significant decision. Curtains or blinds? The pros and cons.

What is easiest to maintain?

Curtains tend to be easier to maintain. Most just require a quick vacuum from time to time and occasionally taken down and popped in the washing machine, hand washed or sent to the dry cleaners depending on the fabric.

Blinds can be trickier to maintain because many types are easily damaged. Will water ruin your wooden blinds? What cleaning products are safe for fabric shades or aluminium blinds? Cleaning can be a complicated affair and it needs done regularly.

What is more effective at blocking light?

Blinds usually are better at blocking light than curtains. Blinds are therefore a good option for rooms that you don’t want too much light in, like bedrooms. Rooms where you could use additional light, like the kitchen, might be better with curtains.

What looks better?

This depends on the design of your room and your own personal preferences. One good thing about curtains is that there is much more choice available. You can choose from a wider range of styles, patterns and fabrics, but do bear in mind that fitted curtains can be expensive.

Additional considerations

Other factors to consider when choosing between curtains and blinds are smoking and pets. Curtains can retain odours that blinds wouldn’t.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your own tastes and circumstances.

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