Decorative cushion trends in 2015

Cushions liven up any piece of furniture whether as decorative items on your couch or to provide support for your back whilst lounging in your favourite arm chair. Let us find out what are the cushion trends in 2015 to give you decorating ideas when it’s time to spruce up your sitting room or bedroom.

What to buy

If you’re thinking your old couch needs a makeover, then take a look at cushion trends for 2015. These are inspiring ideas that can change the way your furniture looks.

  • Patterns

Plain pillows always look great, but it all depends on the background where you will be putting them. Hence, you can add plain decorative pillows on print sofas or bed sheets. Similarly, it does not hurt to put a bunch of patterned pillows on your sofas for a stylish effect. Ethnic, geometric and colourful patterns look great on cushions and will continue to dominate next year’s pillow scene. Hence, if you see any of these especially tribal prints, go for them, as they are going to be hot next year.

  • Vibrant colours

Tame colours such as beige or cream are long-time favourites when it comes to choosing throw pillows. But, dipping into the colour palette further won’t hurt your style and fashion sense. Go for vibrant colours that come alive such as orange, red, green and even a hot pink or purple. These colours will give a different dimension to your furniture whether it’s the dining room chairs or the salon loungers.

  • Fabrics

Cotton, polyester, gingham, velvet and nylon are popular fabrics for cushion covers. There are also fabrics which do not attract stain and if your home is full of children who make frequent accidents, you might want to consider looking for such types of materials.

  • Shapes

There are many shapes of decorative pillows that can make your living room look different and whether it’s a homely or a cosy atmosphere you are trying to create, you can try out different sorts of shapes for your pillows. You can use square, rectangular or even geometric shaped pillows as decorative accessories.

Other tips

If you are looking at tempting cushion trends for 2015, don't forget to look at the practical aspects when shopping for decorative pillows. Make sure the covers are washable and can easily be taken off. In this regard, use cushion pillows that have zippers or buttons. Check for the quality of the inner padding so you will know if they will last or break easily.

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