Nicest children's cutlery sets in the UK

Looking for a the perfect christening gift? Your baby is definitely ready to start using her own spoon? Well, ditch the toys, bracelets and most importantly, the plastic: children deserve the best start in life and some proper stainless steel, specifically designed cutlery is just the perfect gift. Find out more about some of the nicest children's cutlery sets in the UK.

Stainless steel is a must

We've looked at options at various end of the children's cutlery sets UK market, but always with quality and sustainability in mind. Why not take a look, then find your own favourite set using our links as starting points.

Ikea Fabler 3 pieces cutlery set

The most essential stainless steel children's cutlery set out there also has a fab design. Featuring pretty iconic simbols on the handles, these plain but chunky cutlery pieces are easy to handle for the little ones and will last more than any mixed aluminium or plastic set, and cause less pollution, while keeping the price tag at a very convenient £4. In all Ikea shops, more info here:


WMF Knuddel 4 pieces kids cutlery set

This super cute set takes it a step further by using a 100% child friendly design. By following the rules of ergonomics, in fact, each of the 4 stainless steel cutlery piece has the right shape and weight to be handle by a child in the easiest, most natural way. Not only a pretty face then, isn't it? An absolute favourite, we are only left wondering, perhaps, whether it comes in a left-handed version as well. Cost is £ 18.95 at House of Fraser:


Robert Welch Radford Bright Children's Cutlery Set, 4 Piece

PThis lovely, high quality stainless steel singlechild cutlery set has anessential, modern design thatwill easily match most grown up stainless steelcutlery set, while the convenientrounded handles makethe little tools more childfriendly than others. Comes in gift box, an ideal present for special occasions. Price tag of£25, can be found at John Lewis:


Silver plated is a classic

Arthur Price 3 Piece Silver PlatedChild'S Set In Bead Design

A precious gift for a child on any occasion, this set is a best loved christening gift. Beautifully presented in a wooden, silken lined gift box, this silver plated set comes in 6 designs to choose from. Children will love their own, veryspecial little cutlery and treasure it forever. Out of all the child's cutlery sets in the UK, this is a classic, if not a little posh, for a price set at £49 at Debenhams:


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