DAB radios reviews

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a technology used in several countries and Europe to broadcast radio stations. These types of radios offer a broader range of programmes and have better listening quality. If you are thinking of getting one, we compiled DAB radios reviews to help you make an informed decision.

There are many brands of DAB radios that exist in the market and are sold at different prices depending on features and characteristics. DAB radios reviews below will give you an idea where to go for your listening devices:

  • Pure Digital Evoke

Selling for £170, this radio has been named Product of the Year, Awards 2013. It can stream, download radio, and can connect to the internet radio via wifi. The only con is that it takes time to set it up especially when hooking the device up to Pure Content, the dedicated portal of Evoke F4. However, the sound is great and you can stream over Bluetooth. It is simple and quite intuitive to use.

  • Geneva Sound World Radio DAB

This DAB radio sells for £270 and is the ‘best radio’ in the £200 category. The Geneva Sound World Radio has a crisp sound, Bluetooth and premium finish. Main disadvantages are its pricey tag and the absence of presets.

  • Aves Air

The Aves Air may only sell for £50, but it is a decent quality radio. The sound output is quite good and the battery lasts for 8 hours. This is a radio that is easy to take with you for on the move listening.

Unfortunately, DAB radios have not caught up in popularity amongst consumers unlike FM radios. However, in spite of this, they do have clear advantages and DAB radios reviews confirm they are great alternatives for listening. Unlike FM and AM radios, these devices automatically tune to stations. They are also capable of transmitting info such as song title, artist's name and genre of music. In particular, news or traffic updates are useful to drivers. Listening and reception quality is good. There is no hissing or weak signal due to interference. Also, transmission costs over DAB are even lower compared to FM broadcasts.

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