Using dark curtains in a small room

It is often said that dark colours including dark curtains in a small room tends to make the room look even smaller. Lighter colors on the other hand, such as white and ivory, brighten up the space making it seem larger. If your heart is set on having dark curtains though, there are ways to make them work in your favor.

Curtains and room Ideas

Having too many things that are dark coloured in a room can oftentimes makes it feel cramped and a bit depressing. If used correctly though, it can give off a cozy and intimate feeling.

One way of using dark curtains in a small room without creating a negative atmosphere is to find ones that have a black and white striped pattern or accents of dark colour throughout. If you want curtains that are a solid dark colour, then consider keeping the walls and pieces of furniture light coloured. The curtains can be used as an accent colour rather than the main colour for the room. Perhaps a few picture frames, lamp, the bed frame or a few small pieces of dark furniture can also contain a dark colour, thereby complimenting the curtains.The rest of the room, such as the walls and duvet cover, should stay brighter and light creating more space and brightness to the room.

To make the room seem larger, use floor length curtains. This length makes window look larger and also looks like an extension into the wall. Having dark hardwood flooring gives the room a more rustic and cozy feel as well without making it seem smaller.

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While using dark curtains in a small room is not too common, it can be done in a tasteful way. Continue looking at different examples of how others have decorated the room while using dark curtains and see if any of those ideas will work in your space. More importantly, have fun decorating and transforming the room into your ideal space.

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