Decorate your living room country style!

Many people like the country look in their homes - there is something very inviting about it. If you want to create a warm welcoming atmosphere in your house it can be a great way to go. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your living room in a country style...

There are many different ways to decorate your living room in a country style, so there's no reason why your room can't be unique to you. You could go for traditional country, contemporary country; you can go for warm colours or be as creative with colours as you want... this is something you can have fun with.

One visually impressive way to introduce a country style is to have exposed brick walls. Couple this with a colour scheme of off-white for shabby-chic style. This looks great if it's done right.

If you have original floorboards on the ground, leave them untreated and combine them with traditional wooden furniture. Chunky wooden furniture can create an instant country feel.

And of course, no country living room is complete without an open fire. If you can’t have an open fire, a wood burning stove is a good substitute.

Floral designs are a good way to achieve a traditional country look, and they don't have to be overpowering either. If you have wooden floors or dark walls, light coloured or white furniture and some light florals can add warmth and balance. If you are craving a rustic look, it's a good idea to mix natural greens and warm browns.

If you plan to decorate your living room in a country style, have fun and experiment with homemade finishing touches. This style can look good anywhere and it can range from traditional to contemporary; you can go for a cottage look or Nordic style; relaxing or quirky - the list is endless.

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