Trends: decorating colors for 2014

Redecorating your abode can make a lot of difference to the way it looks and feels. Applying different colour schemes in several rooms is one way to make interior decoration a success. We share upcoming trends when it comes to decorating colors for 2014. Take a look whether these styles' can work for your living environment

What's buzzing

Although you are probably tempted to stick with traditional colors when it comes to decorating your homes, you'll be surprised how different hues can have an impact on your walls or interiors. We list some fantastic decorating colors for 2014 that you should consider:

  • Blue

Blue is definitely in this year. From cobalt to indigo, this is a colour that will make a strong statement in a room. Try painting a bedroom or a living space in this shade to know what we mean. Liven up a blue wall with matching curtains or a bedspread in print or plain blue. Decorate windows with fabric blinds for a dramatic effect.

  • Metallic colours

Gold and silver are great hues for your homes. Metallic colours are so popular this year from decorating sitting rooms to bedrooms. Try incorporating metallic accents in your living room such as a furniture and wall decor for a truly different feel.

  • Prints

From a bold print lampshade to chintz sofas, you will see colour prints can change the mood in your bedroom or dining room dramatically. Experiment with floral prints on your curtains, sofa fabrics and dining chairs. Add geometric prints on wall papers to change the look of your space.

  • Neutral shades

This year, interior decorating will still make use of neutral colours such as beige and white. However, you can also use it as a base for decorating and incorporate bold pieces whether it's an eclectic painting or a colourful rug for an amazing contrast.

The best compromise

It all boils down to your personal tastes and preferences when thinking of redoing your homes. Your personal touch is important as well whether you are planning on following decorating colors for 2014 or borrowing from last year's trends or simply going traditional all the way. If you are not yet ready to embrace this year's trends, you can try to infuse or add accents one at a time and see how this fits with your personal style.

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