Decorating a rented home

There are dozens of interior design magazines and interior design TV programmes, but very few of them deal with decorating a rented home. This is particularly strange given that such a high proportion of the UK population are currently renting their home. Here we look at some top decorating tips from the experts, specifically for renters.

There are two main reasons that lots of people, including renters, fail to give much attention to decorating a rented home. The first is that they are unsure exactly what they are allowed to do to the property, reluctant to cause any problems with the landlord. The second is that they may be unwilling to invest time and money into a property that ultimately belongs to someone else.

However, given that most leases are for 12 months (with many tenants staying longer), and that lots of home improvements can be performed for minimum costs, it makes sense to spend a little time and a little money to get the property how you would like it to be.

At all stages it's important to work with your landlord - he or she will probably be overjoyed that you're paying attention to the care and upkeep of the house. The landlord may even be willing to invest in updating the property - this investment will, after all, add to its rental value.

Fabrics are often overlooked when redecorating, but they are one of the best and cheapest ways to give a room a complete makeover. From curtains to rugs to tablecloths to cushion covers, they can transform a space in no time.

Remember that any furniture that you do invest when decorating your rented home can be taken with you, provided that it's free standing. Your landlord should be willing to remove any old or unwanted furniture belonging to him or her. This could be a particularly good plan if you are saving up for a house deposit on a place of your own.

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