Exciting decorating trends in 2015

If you are saving money to redecorate your abode, here are some decorating trends in 2015 that you might want to consider. 2015 promises an array of exciting styles, ideas and designs to make house decorating a fun and pleasurable activity. Take a look at these styles and colour tones when redoing your living spaces.

Interior designing tips

Here are awesome decorating trends in 2015:

  • Hot colours

A fresh coat of paint can change the way a room looks whether it’s to give it a completely different tone or to simply spruce it up. Browse through the gallery of colours that will look great in your homes. In 2015, different colours will be hot such as olives and blues. Match with pinks and greys for a stunning effect.

Dig into the palette of colours of the 60s such as olive and orange. Mix and match green and blue for a fresh and bold look.

Moving on to the 80s, you will see that pastel shades are also going to be stronger than ever. Think of greens, pinks, oranges and purples that will be muted with neutral colours. Amongst neutral shades, grey is definitely in. Combine it with charcoal colours or white ceilings for a contrasting effect.

Another hot colour for 2015 is olive. It blends well with any other colour whether you are thinking of redoing your kitchen or bedroom. But that’s not to say that bold colours will be out of the runway next year. For those who like lively shades, vivid colours such as purples and turquoise are going to make a bold statement. Classic pairings are also in vogue such as black and red or white, brown and green or blue and orange.

  • Styles

Classic luxury and modern styles will never go out of fashion. For 2015, we will see interior decorating trends going along these lines. Pick up classic furniture or accessories to recreate the retro look that is timeless. Or, go for eclectic furniture and accessories that will project a modern or even futuristic home.

Decorating trends in 2015 are going to be exciting. Add or infuse your own styles whilst keeping up with decoration trends. Borrow from classic or make modern settings so you can have that dream living space that you have always wanted. Reinvent the classic or retro style by recycling. Indeed, the choice is yours for a home that is truly personalised.

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