Disposable bidets are practical and cleaner

Although there might be differences amongst cultures how to clean yourself after doing your private stuff in the bathroom, concerns about hygiene and sanitation have recently resurfaced making bidets practical. They are used to clean the genitals, anus and inner buttocks. Now, feel fresher and cleaner when you have disposable bidets on hand.

How it works

Back in the olden days, bidets were the norm in European bathrooms. There were also several countries in the world that used the bidet as part of bathroom routine.

A French invention

To be exact, the bidet was the invention of the French. It consists of a squirt spray and often, there would be two different bowls in the toilet - one for urinating and defecating. Another bowl, however, is dedicated to washing up yourself aftrerwards including your nether parts and even feet.

The electronic bidet also was invented in the 1980s where spray hoses were attached to the existing toilet. Popular in Japan, it was a great option for homes where the bathrooms are tiny and therefore, space was an issue.

Introducing disposable bidets

Today, disposable bidets are being introduced. It works simply consisting of a nozzle and spray bottle that you fill with water. The nozzle is disposable, but you can reuse it after disinfecting it. It also fits any water bottle so you can clean yourself even whilst travelling.

Bidets are not meant replace toilet paper. They are meant to clean yourself after defecating before taking a shower. They are refreshing and make one feel cleaner. Bidets are also less harsh for those with hemorrhoids considering that toilet paper is rough on the sensitive parts of your body.

Places that stock disposable bidets

You can get disposable bidets from drugstores, pharmacies and even online (Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten). You can also buy easy install system kits for existing structures that you can use in your bathroooms. Now you don't have to break down walls just to make room for bidets. Simply use disposable ones to clean yourself.

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