DIY Decorating: a how to guide

Hiring a professional painter or decorator can be expensive. If you can save money by doing some of the work yourself, you'll have more left over to spend on the fixtures and fittings. In this DIY decorating: a how to guide, we offer advise on how to do three common DIY tasks.

DIY Decorating: a how to guide

How to strip wallpaper

Using a wallpaper scorer, make gentle scores at regular points around the room, being careful not to damage the plaster underneath. Then soak the wallpaper in hot soapy water. Starting from the floor, scrape the paper away right up to the ceiling, again being careful not to damage the plaster.

How to remove wall pugs without damaging the plaster

To remove a wall plug, begin by partially inserting a screw into the plug. Then take a pair of pliers and, leveraging them against a block of wood, begin to ease out the screw. If the screw comes out without the wall plug, reinsert it a little deeper and try again. Once the wall plug has been removed, clean the hole with a small paintbrush and fill it in with a ready made filler.

How to cut floor tiles

Before you start cutting tiles, put on a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying shards. Using a surface mounted mechanical cutter, move the tile slowly into the blade, taking care to keep your fingers a safe distance away. Most cutters have a built in angle guide to help you make accurate cuts.

We hope you've enjoyed our DIY decorating: a how to guide! Remember - a little time and patience may be required to get the DIY techiques just right, but the savings you make by being able to perform these basic tasks yourself rather than having to call in a professional will make it worth your while.

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