Different Types of Dog Proof Fencing

Having dog proof fencing can be beneficial for pet owners that have dogs are agressive, tend to wander, or be aggressive towards strangers. There are many different types of fences available though to meet everyone dog owners needs. It is just a matter of researching and finding the right one for your home.

Types of Dog Fences

There are many different types of dog proof fencing available, but there are a few things to think about before setting up the perfect fence for your furry friend.

1. Consider the breed and size of the dog. Every breed has their own personality and tendencies. While some enjoy digging under fences to make their great escape, others might prefer the challenge of going over it or even perhaps through it. Either way, careful consideration is necessary before installing the fence.

2. After considering how your dog tends to escape, find a location that is the most practical for your dog and you. Unfortunately some of us may not have a large yard with numerous options of where the fence can be set up, but do the best you can.

3. Choose the type of material you want to use. This may depend on your budget and space. Here are a few different options that are available.

  • - Chain links are made of metal and vary in size and strength with clear visibility. This is a less expensive option and works well with dogs that only have a tendency to roam.
  • - Solid wood that is a picket style is also effective. This is a cleaner style and a bit more aesthetically pleasing. With that though comes a price.
  • - Chicken or rabbit wire is great for smaller dogs.


For dogs that enjoy digging, here are a few ideas to help preven them from escaping. Put in concrete slabs that can be placed along the perimeter of the fence. The chicken wire can be buried around one foot under ground and may deter the dog from digging.


The easiest answer might be to simply add height and angle in the top of fence. A recommended height is 6 feet for many fences. Another idea is to plant shrubs around the fence which will deter them from jumping.

Also, look around the fence and clear any object that may assist them as a spring board in jumping.

Shop Around

If you are not in a rush, shop around for dog proof fencing and see what sales are going on both online and in stores throughout the year. Before buying, assess the needs of your dog, evaluate the space and finances that are available, and shop around to see what works for you.

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