Dyson Digital Slim review

Whether you hate or love doing chores, it’s important to have the right tools and equipment for faster and efficient cleaning. Light, good suction, and cordless – these are a few of the attributes you will look for in a handheld vacuum cleaner. Let us take a look at the Dyson Digital Slim review to see if the criteria of a good vacuum cleaner are met.

Let’s hear it from users

The Dyson Digital Slim comes in two models: DC44 and DC35. Both machines are handheld, bagless, and run on superior ‘fade-free’ lithium ion battery.

Using the Root Cyclone technology, the patented technology from Dyson, these machines do not lose suction power for efficient dusting.

  • Design

Dyson is a pioneer in the industry making elegant and modern vacuum cleaners. These cleaners are designed as well for robust cleaning.

  • Weight

Both machines are lightweight. If you have a regular Dyson vacuum cleaner, you will notice the difference instantly when you use the Slim models. They are definitely easier to lug around on stairs, corners, rooms and the top floors of homes.

  • Cleaning performance

The focus of the Dyson Digital Slim review is its performance. Dyson is true to its promise. No suction power is lost. Among handheld devices, the Dyson Digital Slim is great at eating up everything in its path especially in tight crevices where you wouldn’t bother to clean.

  • Flexibility

Both models are fantastic to use in nooks and hard to reach areas. From floors and hardwood to carpets and crannies, Dyson cordless cleaners are efficient in their respective field.

  • Run time

An issue most users have with battery-powered machines is the length of time it can be used for cleaning. The DC44 has a run time of 20 minutes while the DC35, 15 minutes. When the turbo function is activated, this will halve run time potential. At any rate, expected battery life is more than enough to clean a decent size of living space.

Worth owning one

Granted, there is no substitute for a corded vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Slim models are top-notch in the category of handheld appliances. Consumers are more than happy with their performance and ability to suck dirt and dust according to a Dyson Digital Slim review. The only glaring disadvantage of these high-end cleaners is the price. The DC35 retails for £219.99 while the DC44 Animal Cordless sells for £262.99. Nonetheless, those looking for a powerful cordless appliance might want to consider investing in one of these machines.

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