Easy Christmas ornaments

Christmas time is the best time of the year to make things with your kids. Many people go out and buy their Christmas decorations but it can be a lot more fun - and create a lot more memories - to make your own at home. Here are a few easy Christmas ornaments to make with your family.

No front door looks right over the festive season without a wreath on it! You can make them from scratch or you could get a simple green one and make it your own by adding what you want to it. Some popular choices are cinnamon sticks, ribbons, holly and berries, but you (or your kids!) might opt or something a little more unusual like pictures or photos, toy cars or even a packet of crisps.

Making your own Christmas stockings can be fun too. Personalising plain stockings with fabric paint or fabrid glue. Remember that the bigger you make them, the more room there will be for treats!

Making your own gift tags can be cute too. They're very simple to make and will add an extra personal touch to your gifts. All you need is cardboard, scissors and whatever you want for your designs. You can make sparkly ones with glue and glitter or cut Christmassy shapes out of card and stick them on.

Creating your own advent calendars for your kids requires a bit of creative talent, but you can make them personal and add your kids' favourite sweets or chocolates behind the doors or in the pockets.

Another idea for easy Christmas ornaments is adding family pictures to your tree. It can be a nice touch. Just get copies of your favourite pictures and hook them onto the tree.

Some of the best Christmas trees don’t look symmetrical or pretty - they are often full of personal things and little items that you and your kids have made together. With these easy Christmas ornaments your family could spend hours of time together and you will have mementos to keep for life.

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