Eclectic decorating ideas for living rooms

Are you considering redesigning your livingroom and want it to be more you? Or perhaps you are decorating a new fresh space and need some new ideas on how to make it stand out but not cliche. Here are a few eclectic decorating ideas for living rooms to get you started.

Design Tips

Before rushing out and buying anything and everything that you may think you want in your living room, take a quick breath and think about how the space is going to be used.

There are many eclectic decorating ideas for living rooms, but you want them to work for you, not against you. Those that have children will most likely have a very different living room set up than those that do not. Consider how much space is available, how often and how it is used, and if you want or need to incorporate extra storate in the room.

The living room should have a focal point in the room. Common anchors are televisions or fireplaces, but why not try and have a large mirror or beautiful painting that holds the room together.

Colors are extremely important and can decide the feel of the room. Try to avoid having every wall be a different bright color. Rather consider having one wall pop out and the other ones support it with more neutral colors. This will help balance out the room and not make it seem too overwhelming or loud.

The room and all of its furnishings should be systematic and complimentary. They should not feel like they are competing against one another.

If you have a bright colored wall, stick with that color theme and add splashes of color on the accessories such as the lamps, rugs, and throw pillows. Try and keep the main items a neutral color making it easier to change the overall feel of the room without having to replace the large items.

Mix and match different materials. For example, if you want an industrial look, consider making plywood and metal shelves to hold books and other odds and ins on. Or for those that prefer the wooden look, create a unique shelving unit that can hold the tv as well as artifacts from your world travels. Possibly add unique overhead lighting to make them really stand out.

Be creative with your furniture choice. Mix contemporary and antique furniture with one another. If you want antique look, check out antique stores and see if there is anything you can reupholster. Look into finding old trunks that can be repurposed into a side table.

The wall spaces a great way to show off your personality. Blow up some favorite black and white prints and make a photo collage on the wall. Or add a bit of texture and cover some of the space with a grass cloth wallcovering. You can then balance it out with other neutral colors in the room.

Keep It You

The great thing about this space is that you can always rearrange or add on and take away items as you see fit. But hopefully these eclectic decorating ideas for living rooms have been a helpful stepping stone into designing your space. Remember to make it you and let it show a bit of your personality.

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