Electric blanket consumer reviews for 2013

Winter is creeping in and you might be wondering how to keep yourselves toasty when the cold sets in. Electric blankets are great options to give extra heat where it is most needed - in bed. Take a look at electric blanket reviews for 2013 to see which brands and models are in the limelight. You can also check if they are suitable to your needs and budgets.

What blankets to choose

There are many brands of electric blankets in the market but choosing the brand for you depends on the type of heat you want. For example, the types of electric blankets vary and there are some that you can use over or under the blanket. Blankets also come in different sizes so you can be sure to find one that suits and fits your bed surface. Take note it is not advisable to allow young children to use electric blankets unless parents have pre-set temperatures and they can use them safely.

Before buying an electric blanket, compare the electric blanket reviews for 2013 from to see how each brand compares when it comes to heat efficiency, energy use, and features. Some brands to consider include the following:

  • Dreamland Intelliheat Fleecy Heated Underblanket

Feedback is mixed like with any product. Some love it and some don’t. But for £50 upwards, you get a blanket which can keep you warm. Some consumers complain though that not all wires were working which did not lead to optimal heat. In addition, the sizes were too small. For those who were pleased, the blanket heated correctly and kept their beds warm.

  • Silentnight Heated Quilted Mattress Cover

This one costs £75 and has 9 heat settings, dual controls, timer, foot heating zone, and a 36-month guarantee. Users are happy with these practical features. You can choose to have your bed heated all the time or only for a few hours.

Low price range

Morphy Richards 75183 Machine Washable Electric Blanket Single is also one of the best electric blanket reviews for 2013. Available on Amazon, customers are happy with the way the blanket works. It is easy to use, machine washable and for £13.99, this price can’t be beat. Others complain though it stopped working after a few weeks and it is slow to heat.

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