Gift someone with engraved photo frames

Photographs are timeless and make beautiful gifts at different occasions from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and graduations. Engraved photo frames, in particular, are simply awesome because you can put special messages on them whether it is for a close friend or your future wife. Take a look why you should consider giving them as gifts the next time you are looking for a personalised present.

Cherish memories with engraved photo frames

There are many shops selling engraved photo frames both online and offline. They exist in different sizes and shapes as well as price points. For example, an engraved white gloss wood photo frame will cost you from a low of £16.99 to a high of £24.99. It all depends on the material you choose such as silver plated, silver, wood or even fabric. As to messages, here are some popular engravings on photo frames:

  • The names of the recipient and giver
  • Occasions such as weddings, receptions, graduations, anniversaries, christenings or baby showers
  • Inspirational messages
  • Dates and names of places where the photo was taken

Types of frames

Silver, wooden (oak, walnut), brushed gold and glass photo frames are some of the types of materials used on engraved photo frames. You can also choose to have borders on the frames as well as single, 4 different sizes, one on one or double photo frames. There are also personalised folding photo frames. Get creative by gifting someone with a wedding rings photo frame or a handbag photo frame. There are oodles of inspirations from different sellers online or offline.

Where to Buy

A few of the places that sell engraved photo frames include the following:

  • Justengraved (justengraved.co.uk)
  • Amazon (amazon.co.uk)
  • Giftsmadespecial (giftsmadespecial.co.uk)
  • Thegiftexperience (thegiftexpeirence.co.uk)
  • Engravefast (engravefast.co.uk)

An affordable gift

Whether you are celebrating hen night or a first communion, there are many ideas that you can use on engraved photo frames to give yourself, family, colleagues and friends. Enjoy long lasting memories with personalised photos and preserve moments with cool and fantastic engraved photo frames for the entire family. From modern to vintage themes, there is always something that will please everyone's budget and tastes.

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