How to choose the right estate agent

So you have decided that you will be selling your home and that you need help from a real estate agent to get the best price for the property. Here's some advice so you can sell smartly and get the best help you can get - we have all the tips you need for choosing between estate agents.

You want to sell your home and get the best price for it — at a premium of market value. There’s no harm in setting this as your goal. Here’s some smart advice for seeking the ideal real estate agent to assist you.

First, arm yourself with information about current real estate market trends, focusing on relevant info about your property type and location. Learn all you need to know about selling a property similar to your home. Then hire a professional agent who has valuable experience in these kinds of transactions.

Criteria for choosing your real estate agent:

1. Get recommendations from reliable and trustworthy sources. Investigate and check which of those agents are most active and have high success rates in selling property.

2. Contact each real estate agent recommended to you and conduct a telephone interview. The ones who are most responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to answer all your questions with no qualms are your best bets. Then set up a personal meeting so that you can judge them in person.

3. Get a list of all the services the real estate agent is willing to provide for you, from the beginning to the end of the transaction. Cross-check their affiliations with lenders, title representatives, inspectors, and other people you may need during the process.

4. Allow the real estate agent to assess your property and take note of their suggested improvements in making it more attractive to home buyers. Make sure your agent is willing to pre-qualify all potential buyers.

5. Insist for your estate agent to provide net sheets showing the exact sales proceeds, after the commission and fees have been deducted from the selling price.

6. Get your potential agents’ marketing plans and choose the one who is willing to take extra steps to expedite sales and ensure a premium market value sale for your home. Also request for a provision of a written closing checklist indicating all the procedures involved in finalising the transaction.

7. After sifting through these criteria, select your ideal real estate agent and assist him or her in selling your home.

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