Garden fencing: three of the best fencing panels

Panel fencing is extremely popular, especially among those on a tighter budget. It provides your home with privacy, security and a clear boundary. If you are looking to buy fencing panels for your garden, understanding the different types of panels available to you and their benefits will help you make the right choice. Here are three of the best fencing panels for gardens.

Lap fence panels

Lap fence panels are arguably the most popular types of garden fencing panels available. Also known as waney edge, lap fence panels are effective and give excellent value for money. They feature distinctive overlapping panels designed in a similar manner as an overlap garden shed. Where lap fence panels lack in style, they make up for in reliability and inexpensive protection for gardens.

If you are want fencing panels that provide clear boarders and protection at a low cost, then lap fence panels might be exactly what you are looking for.

Picket fence panels

Picket fence panels are another popular type of fencing panels commonly used in a front garden and in garden passage ways. Besides offering protection and clear demarcation for your front garden and garden passage ways, picket fence panels also add to the aesthetics of the garden and home surrounding. They have attractive gaps in between the vertical wood panels that are neatly arranged to create a pleasant and welcoming feel to the fenced area. The fence panels come with either flat or curved top options.

If privacy is your main concern, picket fencing panels are not what you want. However, if you are want fencing panels that add an attractive surround to a centre piece or focal point in your garden like the decking or seating area, picket fence panels are exactly what you need.

Trellis fence panels

Trellis fence panels are some of the most stylish fencing panels available. They come with a range of stylish concave, convex and diamond trellis, featuring flamboyant options for the top like curved and wavy tops. If you are looking to revitalise your garden and set a clear boarder that is attractive, private and distinct with airs of flavour, the trellis fence panels are what you need.

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