Feng Shui 2014: tips for the bedroom

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of harmoniously organizing our living space so to impact our overall quality of life as positive energy gets to flow easily within our surroundings. Here are some tips on how to apply Feng Shui to your bedroom this 2014.
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Feel safe

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom is the most important space for us as it is where we recover, where we are the most vulnerable, where we need to feel safe and where we share intimate moments.

It is therefore important to avoid choosing a bedroom with an entrance directly facing the front door, with the bed perpendicular to it. The best would be choosing a bedroom which forces you to turn as many 90 degrees angles as possible before getting to the actual bed.

Go natural

Always use natural materials such as wood, fibers, stones and metal for both furniture and decorative objects. Opt for smooth lines and flowing design. Leave all technology well away from the bedroom, which means no television, no computer, no mobiles and no game pads. Also, avoid the use of mirrors unless they are located inside the wardrobe's door.

The colours

The choice of colour for bed linings, curtains, blankets and rugs as well as wall paint and carpets is very important for Feng Shui. To facilitate sleep, the use of natural colours such as different shades of green and blue is strongly advised. On the other hand, if you need to stimulate passion and love making, you might want to opt for a pink or coral hue.

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