Feng shui guide for 2015

If you want good karma and are interested in feng shui, 2015 is an entirely different year. According to the Chinese horoscope, it is the year of the sheep or earth ram that will bring interesting things if you are planning to build or redecorate your home. Let us give you some valuable tips for Feng Shui 2015.

What it means

Feng Shui in 2015 is highly correlated to the year of the earth ram. In order to attract luck and prosperity in your life, you must take a look at some of the principles involved in feng shui during the year of the sheep.

  • Siting, renovation or building

Where your house faces is very relevant in feng shui architecture. In 2015, the Tai Sui or the Grand Duke (bad or good energy) is South-South-West. Hence, you should skip renovations to avoid disturbances. If you have to, do not do any renovation opposite to the west which is the location of conflict. The sickness star next year is at South-East while the misfortune/sickness star is at the west. Most conflicts emanate at the centre. Education/romance star is at the north-west.

  • Colours

Your choice of colours when decorating or refurbishing your home can have a significant effect on mood and well-being. The major rule to keep in mind is avoid more than 3 colours in a room for balance and harmony. It does not matter if you like bold or neutral shades for as long as there is a sense of harmony in a living space.

  • Decoration accessories

Put up wind chimes in your homes or add your favourite good luck charms such as statues. You do not have to put a figurine of Buddha or a tortoise to align your house with Feng shui traditions.The important thing to remember put decorations that please you.

The Chinese zodiac

Feng Shui in 2015 is not only about bringing good karma and fostering your well-being by chanelling the right energy into your homes. It is also about aligning yourself with the year of the sheep. Your personal luck will change accordingly depending on your element such as water, fire, earth, metal and wood.

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