Feng Shui dragons placement

The dragon is a symbol of power that has a strong yang or male energy. The Feng Shui dragons placement in your home can therefore make a real difference to your wellbeing. Find out where to place them correctly in your home so they have the most impact on your health.

Feng Shui cure

The dragon is a very popular feng shui cure that comes in lots of different sizes, materials and colours. A green dragon can be a great cure for your health. A golden dragon is one of the best feng shui cures for wealth issues.

Areas of the home

Feng Shui dragons placement can be made in any area of the home for good fortune but there are a few restrictions that it pays to be aware of. Low energy areas like the bathroom or your garage should be avoided at all costs. The other thing that's important with dragons is not to have too many of them. Experts recommend that the maximum amount of feng shui dragons in any home at any one time is five.


Another thing to avoid is putting the dragons too high. If they're too high above eye level, they won't have the maximum effect. You should also take care when you pair dragons with other feng shui cures. Placing the feng shui dragons in your love and relationships area and pairing them with the phoenix will give you the ultimate feng shui symbol of marital happiness. You should also take care to place the dragons in your feng shui lucky directions.

Other decor

You should also consider whether the feng shui dragons placement relates well to the other decor items you have. Don't clutter the place with too many items and always make sure that the feng shui cures in your property are the main focus of a room. Respect the dragon as it's a powerful feng shui cure.

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