Creating Feng Shui in the bedroom

Belief in Feng Shui has spread throughout the world and it has millions of adherents. Donald Trump evenlost a number of clients because his properties had bad Feng Shui so he hired a Feng Shui master to redesignTrump Towers. Many businesses use it and many people also use it in their homes. Here is a quick guide to Feng Shui in the bedroom.

If you want a better night's sleep or a better love life, creating Feng Shui in the bedroom could help by promoting sensual and nourishing energy.

Firstly get rid of any televisions or computers in your bedroom. These will destroy all the good energy. Having good quality air in the bedroom is also important. Some people achieve good air quality by putting plants in their bedroom - however this is bad Feng Shui unless it's a large bedroom and the plants are kept far away from the bed. The best thing to do is keep the windows open often or use an air purifier.

The bed should be easily accessible from both sides with two bedside tables at either side. The bed should not be in a direct line from the door, and if your bedroom is above the kitchen, the bed should not be above the stove. Placing a mirror facing down under the bed also promotes good Feng Shui.

If your bed is close to a door and you cannot move it further away, there are a couple of things you can do instead. You can add low level shelving around the bed which will have a cocooning effect, or incorporate a bedside table with a strong visual presence.

Many people believe that creating good Feng Shui in the bedroom will improve not only the room, but also the quality of the lives of people who live there. Often it's simply a matter of rearranging the furniture, so even sceptics can test out the ideas without too much effort!

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