Feng shui and mirrors

Feng shui is often used to orient the house and position objects to attract good energy and luck. It promotes harmony in the surroundings and environment. In Feng shui, mirrors are great accessories to bring the good vibes to your home. Find out where you should put mirrors in your home to attract the good chi.

Strategic locations

When talking of Feng shui, mirrors have to be strategically located in parts of the home so you are bringing good energy instead of the bad. Here are a couple of places where you should never put mirrors which reflect the following objects:

  • One rule of Feng shui is that it should not reflect on a wall because it blocks the energy flow. Hence, a mirror should not also be facing the front door.
  • If you are putting a mirror in the kitchen, it should not reflect flames. Feng shui specialists recommend that a mirror be put in the kitchen if you are cooking with your back to the door. The reasoning behind this is that you should be able to see what is going on. There should be no tiles that will reflect flames as mirrors signify water. Fire and water clash.
  • Mirrors are a big no no in the bedroom. According to Feng shui, mirrors let energy bounce in any space. Hence, it is recommended not to have a mirror hovering above your bed or anywhere in the room where it could reflect your silhouette. If you must have a mirror in your boudoir, then you must put it in a hidden place such as the closet.

Where to put mirrors

The living and dining areas are appropriate places to put mirrors. Locate them where they could reflect food. They will attract abundance. Mirrors should, however, not face doors or windows in order to avoid wealth leaving your abode. As a rule in Feng shui, mirrors that reflect things will double them. So don’t mirror dirty places, drains and dark areas.

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