Read fireplaces installation regulations in Glasgow

Fireplaces are great additions to a living space. In addition to providing warmth and creating a cosy atmosphere, you add value to your homes when it's time to sell. When mounting fireplaces in Glasgow, consider the following rules and regulations to ensure you are in conformity with the law and for safety and health reasons.

Important steps

If you are considering building fireplaces in Glasgow, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Apply for a Building Warrant and Planning Permission

It is best to apply for a Building Warrant and Planning Permission so you have something in writing. Even if you don't need a warrant, there should be a paper stating this. Should you require one, contact an architect who can design a fireplace for you.

  • Hire a flue specialist

Note that the expertise of a flue specialist is essential to build a safe and functional fireplace. Often, insurance companies are strict when it comes to fireplace installations which, if not done properly could turn into fire or health hazards. It is also easy to convince organisations, home insurance companies, real estate agencies and solicitors if you can prove your fireplaces are in conformity with the law. In effect, having a professionally installed fireplace not only protects your home from hazards but also increases its value in the long run.

  • Consult the Building Regulations

The Building Regulations state that for as long as your fireplace or hole on the wall is made of brick or stone, then the rules of opening sizes do not apply. Furthermore, there should also be no combustible materials in your fireplace for the law to fall into effect. Otherwise, standard building regulations apply such as distance to combustibles and wall thickness. Consult Document J for any work pertaining to chimneys deign, construction, building, repairs, testing, maintenance or installation.

Where to go

If you’re planning to build fireplaces in Glasgow, take a look at registered and certified installers who can help you with your chimney. World of Stoves, Fireplace World, Focal Point, Fireside Fireplace, John Kane and The Fireplace Gallery are a few of the places where you can get professional assistance for setting up your hearth.

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