Flat pack bed? You'll probably fall out

So you think you assembled your flat pack furniture well do you? Think again. According to a recent survey. Although considering who the survey was done by, the results come as no surprise. It was conducted by Rated People, which promotes the alternative to DIY - GSI - Getting Someone In.

That said, we still subscribe to the GSI theory. Why bother rooting around for that one last screw when someone else can puzzle for hours over where it's disappeared to?

Another unsurprising result from the survey was that men were the worst offenders (oh really?). 67% of male flatpack buyers don't read the instructions. Women are more studious, spending around 12 minutes preparing. However 47% of all jobs are never properly finished.

And the worse offending item? The self-assembly bed was named as the biggest problem overall, so if you've assembled yours, you may want to check the base before you dive under the covers tonight...

(Image: Chrispitality's Flickr stream)

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