Finding the right floor lamps

With more people than ever choosing floor lamps as their main source of home lighting, the market has opened up hugely in the last few years. While floor lamps used to be reserved more for aesthetics than practicality, these days there are many manufacturers who have blurred the lines between look and functionality.

Light it up!

As with any addition to your home furniture, carefully integrating the look of your floor lamps with the rest of the room is an essential part of a successful redesign. Whether you're going to be using them as the main source of light in any given room or not, it is always a good idea to make sure that they fit the look you are trying to build.

Beauty or use?

Deciding on the main reason for purchasing floor lamps is often half the battle. If they are going to be used to illuminate the room, rather than a ceiling light, then you need to pay particular attention to how the light spreads out from the bulb, and beyond the lamp shade into the room.

Making the wrong choice on this front can often end up costing you even more money, as the need to purchase a replacement down the line becomes even more likely.

However, if the lights are simply to be used in order to add an extra sheen to the look of the room, or to your home overall, then feel free to get creative and search out lights that may not necessarily be all that useful when it comes to illumination.

Using contrasts

As any interior designer will tell you, one of the most important parts of building an ambience in a room is getting the lighting right. Contrasts between light and shade are essential whether you want to create a relaxing environment or one that serves a more functional purpose - such as a study room for the kids or a work area for yourself.

The location and design of your floor lamps will play a huge part in whether or not you can attain this, so it's always worth speaking to an expert for their advice.

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