5 best flooring options for your home

Flooring is something that you don’t really think about until you get your own home and need to choose one. There are a variety of options, all suited to different lifestyles and needs. Here’s 5 most common flooring choices, their advantages and disadvantages: 


Vinyl is a common choice for a lot of people because of how long-lasting yet inexpensive and easy to install it is. Good quality vinyl can last you years and still look good, as it tends to be very resilient to both, moisture and heavy traffic. Such flooring is also easily maintained and cleans very well. Ultimately, it is a great choice for families with young children that will be likely spilling and dropping things on the floor.


There are lots of different wood choices and styles for flooring, but ultimately hardwood is known for their beautiful rustic look. They also look good paired with almost any decor and interior, which is why it is a common choice. Although wood is a long-lasting flooring choice, they are not great in rooms that get a lot of moisture or drastic changes in temperature, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. 


Carpet is definitely the nicest type of flooring for your feet, as it is warm and soft. It is also a good choice to minimise noises and it is fairly easy to install. However, even with regular hoovering and maintaining, carpets do eventually get stains and dirt that is impossible to remove. Besides, they collect bacteria or dust very easily, so it is a poor choice for anyone suffering from allergies


Laminate is a great choice if you want an imitation of hardwood for much less money. This type of flooring requires very minimum maintenance, it is easy to clean and scratches less than real wood. The best thing about laminate though is that you can install it over any old flooring with no glue or nails. However, laminate may not be quite as long-lasting as the planks start to wrap and move over time. Unlike wood, it cannot be refinished and has to be completely replaced once it wears out. 


Bamboo flooring is a similar option to hardwood, as it also comes in different shapes and forms for easy installation. It is tough and durable, depending on the type of bamboo. One of the reasons people may prefer it to hardwood is its eco-friendliness. Bamboo grows much faster than trees, can grow in a variety of climates and absorbs carbon more quickly. However, if your choice for bamboo is purely to do with environmental benefits, you need to ensure that your manufacturing and shipping choice does not add up to it being more environmentally harmful. 


There is no one single best flooring option out there. It really just depends on what your specific needs are. When choosing flooring, you should consider things like the ease of installation, price, longevity and look as well as your lifestyle - if you have small kids or animals and so on

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