Helpful food processor reviews

If you love cooking, but are not prepared to put up with the hassle of preparing, cutting or mincing ingredients, you might want to consider getting a food processor. A food processor can do magical things in the kitchen making cooking a pleasure and less of a bore. Take a look at food processor reviews and check out where to put your hard earned money when it’s time to choose.

Brands to keep in mind

Perhaps, you are a careful shopper and would like to read food processor reviews before finally picking on a gadget that will adorn your kitchen counter and become your little helper. Here are some brands to consider:

  • KitchenAid Food Mini Chopper

This is a great addition to the kitchen with its 3.5 cups capacity, spatula and oil dispenser. It chops, cuts, and mixes ingredients to suit your taste from chunks to almost puree. Cook or bake anything and cut down preparation time to almost half. This chopper is equipped with sharp blades, a powerful engine and the parts are easy to fit in and use. Its less desirable features are it has no continuous run feature and is noisy.

Price: £57.60 (Currys.co.uk)

  • Cuisinart Elite Collection 4-cup Chopper/Grinder

If you love Cuisinart gadgets, you will be amazed at their 4-cup chopper grinder. It chops, minces, and grinds perfectly. Like machines of this type, it can be noisy when operated and users complain of issues when locking the lid. In addition there is no continuous run function.

Price: £69 (Brookstone.com or Amazon.com)

  • Hamilton Beach 3-cup Mini Chopper

Hamilton is easy to use and the parts are easy to clean. It’s a great value processor for those on a budget. Their 3-cup mini chopper will help you in the kitchen immensely from chopping onions to pureeing vegetables. Minor setbacks include noise when in operation and there is no continuous run feature.

Price: £30 (Studica.com)

  • Breville the Sous Chef Food Processor

This food processor is simply magical. Chop, grind, mince, mix, puree are just some of the functions you can expect to find. It is equipped with a digital timer and an LCD display. Extras such as a spatula, cleaning brush, bowls and cord storage are very convenient. The motor is powerful and you can whip delectable dishes in a jiffy using this food processor. This is a heavy machine though and only the bowl is dishwasher safe so keep it in one place.

Price: from £337 to £585 (Overstock.com or Bloomingales.com)

Before choosing

Hence, whether you are looking for a simple or a sophisticated machine, don’t forget to take a look at the food processor reviews this year that can help you make an informed decision. After all, cheap or expensive, you still expect to get the biggest bang out of your hard-earned bucks.

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