French country kitchen designs

French country kitchen designs try to emulate the rural settings in France whether it's popular and well-known places such as Bordeaux and Provence or Languedoc and Loire Valley. If you are thinking of redecorating your kitchen, we show you how to do it a la française style. Bring warmth to your kitchen with these handy decorating tips.

Decorating and design ideas

Rural France has an undeniable charm from its picturesque panoramas to the rolling hills and vineyards. Dining is sacred in this country and cooking good food is essential to the existence of every Frenchman. This is why French country kitchen designs are also unique giving them a charming appeal that most people would love. Here is how to turn your hearth into the nicest part of your home.

  • Dine in kitchen

Most French kitchens also double as a place to eat. Hence, you will find a wooden table and chairs right in the kitchen that's not necessarily meant only as a breakfast nook.

  • Decor

Use ceramics, pottery, terracotta or fresh flowers as accents in the kitchen. Hang up a pretty painting or picture as well as copper pots and pans. Curtains in charming prints, paisley, stripes and florals brighten up kitchen windows.

  • Colours

French country kitchens are rustic and use warm colours such as deep red, lavender and yellow. Walls are painted in light colours whilst furniture are in off white, beige or taupe.

  • Furniture

The type of furniture found in French country kitchens is mostly simple and large in size, but there can also be pieces with ornate designs.

Using natural materials

When coming up with French country kitchen designs ideas, it is important to remember that the use of natural materials is crucial to this type of style. These materials will include natural stone for the floor and walls, granite or marble countertops and walls. Natural wood is also a vital building material that is not only used for walls and the structre, but also furniture.

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