Quick and practical front garden design ideas

It can be tricky to design a front garden, especially if your space is small. Front gardens need to accommodate not only two or more cars, but also the rubbish bins and possibly other storage utilities like tanks. Practical front garden design ideas often come first ahead of aesthetic designs. However, you can still be quite ingenious with front garden designs, even on smaller space.

Front garden plan

If you are planning the layout of your front garden from scratch, it is a good idea to start designing your garden indoors – preferably during winter time. Start by drawing out the plan of the front door garden to scale on a squared paper. Use one inch to a foot as the ideal scale measurement.

Design the shape of the things you want to include, such as the pathways, flowerbeds and driveway. Also, mark in any space you need for practical use, such as parking space and log store. Allow adequate room for opening doors and access to the road.

Planning the layout of you front garden on paper beforehand will allow you to try out different alternative schemes of the look and feel of your garden before you pick the layout you like best.

Front garden lawn

Many people want to have a lawn on their front garden due to the aesthetic appeal of lawns. However, it is not advisable to squeeze a lawn into a small area, such as we have in most small town and suburban homes. Lawns in tiny spaces are often a nuisance to mow and you will be forced to carry the mower through the house if you don’t have a side access gate.

Lawns in front gardens only work if you have a large space. If you really want the look of grass on your small garden, use artificial lawns. Artificial lawns look very real and are completely maintenance-free once planted. Otherwise, just use gravel or paving, which are the best front garden ideas for small gardens.

Front garden plants

Finally, when it comes to front garden ideas for plants, consider how the garden will look like at different times of the year. Choose a higher proportion of evergreen plants because these will still look good in the winter. The last thing you want is the sight of bare soil in your front garden for four months. You may bring cottage-garden plants to your front garden, but only with careful consideration of weather patterns in your area.

Remember to keep your garden neat and tidy through whatever weather and season you have. This is one of the most important gardening tips to remember. The tip will help transform the transit area toyour home into an area everybody wants to linger, while also discouraging intruders from hiding there.

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