Our guide to fun christmas tree decorations

Now that it's coming up to Christmas, many people are either going up to their roof space for decorations or going out and buying new items. But year after year this can get boring. Christmas is a time to be creative, so why not make your own decorations? You can spend time with your kids making the items and decorating your house together. Here are some fun Christmas tree decoration ideas to get you started.

A personalised tree is always more fun, and these Christmas tree decoration ideas will ensure that yours stands out from the crowd.

Making baubles yourself can be simple. You can get clear baubles and put pictures of your family inside to add a personal touch to your tree. Or you can print off pictures and stick them onto card and hang from the tree. Black and white photos will stand out from all the other colourful decorations.

You could also knit ornaments for your tree for a cute and old-fashioned touch. Popular knitted decorations include little Christmas trees, Santas or Rudolphs.

Cinnamon bundles are so simple but they look good and will make your room smell more Christmassy. Simply tie a few cinnamon sticks together with Christmas coloured ribbon and hang on the tree.

If you are skilled in the kitchen you could make edible Christmas treats for the tree - but they might not make it there to Christmas!

No Christmas tree is complete without an angel for the top. To make the angel, you'll need fabric, dolly pegs, scissors, ribbons, coloured pens and glitter.

If you decorate an outdoor tree, having edible Christmas decorations for birds is a nice touch. Your tree will have a few visitors before Santa gets there!

With these fun Christmas tree decoration ideas you can spend days being creative and making your tree unique. Decorating your Christmas tree with your family is something you will never forget, so instead of going out and buying decorations, think about getting everyone involved in planning, creating and then hanging up your decorations.

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