Further reductions at the Matalan Homeware Sale

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Don't miss out your chance to grab a real bargain at Matalan this January!

The homeware collection of the British fashion brand is under way, with new items just in and sales up to 70% off the original price, so make sure you visit one of the over 200 Matalan store across the country before it all ends.

Animal striped mugs, owl engraved candles, fox jacquard cushions, black and gold metal candle holders, all at prices below £5, with some items ridiculously low at £1.25, like the bright decorative glass vase with a golden sprayed effect.

Or why not collect the whole range of wide frames in black, available with single or multiple aperture, all discounted at 70%?

Personally, as a souvenir of the lovely festive season just passed, I would grab those cute little hanging decoration, like the metal heart, or the metal hut tealight holder: featuring cut out heart detail and measuring approx 11cm x 10cm x 15cm, this little tealight holder is sure to create a warm welcoming vintage inspired look within your home. At £2.50, you really can't go wrong.

If it's practicality what you are after, then take a look at the beautiful suitcase sets: also on offer is a 2-wheel case defined as the world's lightest, with an ultra-strong fibre-glass structure a unique wide easy-grip handle. Lots of space inside, it also comes with a 10 years guarantee. Discounted prices range from £17.50 to £25.00.

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