Where to buy garden chairs in the UK

In spite of cool summers and unpredictable weather, the Brits love to spend their time outdoors whether it’s to bask in the sun, relax with friends or entertain guests. Hence, it is important to buy garden chairs suitable to UK weather. We explore where to find good deals for garden furniture that not only looks stylish but also robust.

What to look for

Garden chairs and tables are essential items when entertaining or staying outdoors. There are many choices out there such as rattan, wrought iron, wicker, wood, and plastic chairs. Like indoors, outdoor spaces can be made as comfortable as possible with seat pads, lighting, and cushions providing warmth and comfort.

Clearly, the weather is not the kindest on garden chairs in the UK. Hence, it is vital to get outdoor furniture that will be able to withstand the force of elements such as rain, humidity, and the cold if you plan on leaving furniture outside. Consider protecting furniture with plastic or protective covers. Teak furniture and other hardwood such as acacia, for instance, are popular choices because they look good and are sturdy. There are also garden furniture made of combination materials such as steel and wood or rattan and iron. Whatever your choices, consider protection when planning to leave them outside, bring them indoors or under a roof.

  • Where to buy them

Argos has a good selection of garden furniture from folding picnic to stacking chairs. Garden chairs made from canvass and wood do not only look attractive but are also comfortable. Try outdoor bean bags in eye-catching colours for a cosy look in your terrace or decks. Other places where there is a wide selection of outdoor furniture include Ikea, Wilkinson, Habitat, and Posh Garden Furniture. Online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay are also fantastic places to shop.

Spicing up your outdoor nooks

Home furniture shops that sell garden chairs in the UK also sell other stuff that you might need for outdoor spaces such as parasols, canopies and recliner seats. Lights, throw pillows as well as barbecue equipment can also complete the look of your garden making it a great corner for a get-together or just to spend a lazy afternoon when the weather is nice.

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