Your guide to garden sheds

Want to improve the storage capacity of your house but avoid the expense and hassle of building an extension? Then a shed could be the solution to all your problems! De-clutter your home and boost your living space by moving unwanted household items to the shed. Garden sheds are also a handy place for garden tools and equipment such as lawn mowers and shears, and can house items that aren't suitable for indoor storage such as petrol, pesticides or herbicides.

Which garden shed is right for your garden?

Styles of sheds vary a lot, both in their construction and size. Depending on your needs you could go for a simple tin-roofed structure or a large wooden building complete with elaborate roofing, windows and even electrical outlets.

It's important to carefully consider how you will use the shed before deciding what type is right for you. Small wooden structures that fit neatly into the corner of the garden are a popular choice. Look for a solid, rot resistant wood, such as cedar. These simple and relatively cheap sheds often come in DIY kits. For bigger and more elaborate sheds, make sure delivery and installation is included.

Large metal or concrete sheds make excellent workshops, home gyms or studies. If you will be spending lots of time in the shed, consider fitting insulation and an electricity supply.

How to organise your garden shed

Sheds can quickly they become cluttered if they're not organised correctly. Extra shelving is a real space saver and can work wonders on a cluttered shed. It's also a good idea to assign functions to different areas in the shed. Label boxes and get rid of any items you're not likely to use again.

Remember that some types of shed require more maintenance than others. Cedar wood garden sheds are rot resistant, very sturdy and ages well visually, but other woods may require regular treatment. All wooden sheds will need to be cleaned and some should be re-painted every few years. If you are considering a metal shed, go for aluminium or galvanised steel that will not rust easily.

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