Get the right 'statement rug' for your home

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a focal point for a room. If space is limited and you don't want to redecorate or redesign, a rug can be an excellent option. What's more, a rug can make a bold design statement. Get the right 'statement rug' for your home with our tips!

How to get the right 'statement rug' for your home

A good starting point is to consider the type of rug that would suit your home. A high quality Persian may be stunning on its own, but when rolled out in your contemporary living room it might look a little out of place.

Here is a brief guide to the most popular types of statement rugs:

  • Animal skin rugs: An animal skin rug - and most popularly a bear skin rug - is commonly used to make a real statement. And they're certainly attention grabbing! What's more, you can now buy high quality fake bear skins at a fraction of the price of a real one.
  • Perisan rugs: Persian rugs are famous right across the globe for their quality and timeless elegance. However a good one can easily cost five figure sums, so do your research before you commit to buying.
  • Silk rugs: Silk rugs are beautiful and highly sought after. They are a good choice to make a statement in a room that isn't highly trafficked - such as a dining room or spare bedroom.
  • Sheepskin rugs: Sheepskin rugs are fun, cosy and just ooze luxury. They wear well so are a great choice for heavily trafficked rooms like a living room or hall.

If you want to get the right sized 'statement rug' for your home, take the time to test out what works best for the floorspace. Place a sheet or large towel on the floor and arrange your furniture around it - this will help you to visualise how different sized rugs may look in the room.

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