H&M Home Spring - Summer 2014: new collection preview

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Eagerly awaited by lovers of affordable and stylish interior decor, the H&M Home Spring- Summer 2014 collection has finally been unveiled.

The new catalogue for this year's warm season is now available online: you can browse the decorative style so typical of the Swedish brand and take a peek at the new trends to incorporate into your own home style.

The brand's new catalogue relies heavily on textiles and decorative items for every home. Carpet is one of the pillars of this new line with velvety features, gold and silver tones as well as natural colours. Linen is also very present and used in the tablecloths and colorful bed sheets.

Another hot trend in this season's H&M home catalogue is the animal print: silhouettes of wild animals pop up on cushions, duvets, sheets, blankets, towels, bath or kitchen textiles.

And talking about animals and environment: the H&M home textile range is entirely environmentally friendly. Indeed, the specific Conscious line agrees to use and deliver ecological and organic products. We thus find tablecloths, tea towels, aprons, cotton and a special collection that includes bibs printed with friendly cats or towels with hoods shaped like animals.

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Finally, in the new H&M home collection you will find great ideas for the children's rooms. The pastel range given emphasizes the joy, energy and freshness of the child zones. Also find something to satisfy everyone, with prints of pirates, horses or hearts.

All this and more is now available online and in H&M stores across the UK.

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